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Name: Eva a.k.a. Chii
Age: 14
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Color: Black
Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate ^^ junk food in general
Day: Saturday
Game: DDR (Dance Dance Exstreme Revolution)
Class: Art
Real Class: Social Studies
Most View'ed shows
Yu Yu Hakusho
Spongebob Squarepants
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Fuse (pretty much anything on fuse =D)
Mad Tv
Hobbies Online (could you guess?)
Drawing! XD (the best!)
Listening to music (constantly! ^^)
Zodiac:Want your own digik zodiac card?


Togashi!! He is the best manga author I have ever read! =Dand Naoko too! She has so many great series and they are all amazing!
This is such a great episode, and Pink Raven is all happy ^_^BOTAN!! She is pretty much my favorite female charecter! ^___^
Yu Yu Hakusho! Obviously my favorite anime ever. =DPuu is cuter than any pokemon!! and most likely stronger too! n_n
aww..Beast boy is so cute as a kitty!Keiko is such a cool charecter. She sticks up for herself and her friends even when its risky. Not to mention she never gives up hope in pretty much anything.
Shia is such a cute little demon ^_^Hiei!! My number one favorite charecter ever!! =D
Hiei and Kurama! ^_^Raven is so awsom, she has great attacks and she seems to have the most common sense about everything. Not to mention the negative outlook on things ^_^
This is such a great song!! what else can I say?Im a pitaten fan!
Yusuke is so completly kick ass he rox! =D Hiei and Yukina are the coolest siblings ever. (why can't my sister be that nice? -.-U)
Kurama!! my second favorite charecter ever ^_^
Aww..Mireille is so cute!Super Chibi Moon is the best!
This is a nice fanlisting,  yet another great song! XDKenshin is the coolest! ^_^

Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction! =D
If you don't like this song, there has got to be something wrong with you ^_^ This is my favorite song ever!! XD
I like this song alot, especially how it is kinda spooky sounding XP
This is such a sweet fanlisting, for Kurama and his human mother Shiori
O man! I love this song. It might be the future song of the month, because I have the mp3 ~_^
*Song Of The Month

This Month::
*-Wild Wind (download! =D) 3.87 MB
-Im Not Okay (I Promise) ::My Chemical Romance::
-Homework Ga Owaranai
Notes: Wild Wind wins this month ^^ I love this song, It is very up-beat and fast. The kinda song that makes you happy when you hear it. The singing is amazing. Definetly download if you ever get the chance. You will need Winzip to unzip it though to listen to it, but the download is quite fast and winzip takes only about 2 seconds to unzip this song. =D


Wild Wind~Yasei no Kaze no you ni~
Hiei- kaze ga hashiru ore wo yobu mugon no HARIKE-N
are wa SAIN kessen no aizu darou

Kurama- sou kono inochi yori aa omoi yume wo
kanaeru tame no hi ga kita saa

Both-kokoro no mama ni tada Fighting to dream
dare ni mo jama sasenai
unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru
kaze no you ni tada Shooting to dream
kako no itami tachikitte
kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru
Getta chance!

Hiei- kizudarake no yume ga ore wo karitate'ta
hieta mune ni nokoru hi wo aoru you ni

Kurama- sou atsui omoi ga aa mune wo tataku
maru de kienai arashi no you ni

Both-yasei no mama de ima Fighting to dream
zetsubou nado houmutte
kemono michi wo hageshiku hitabashiru
kaze ni natte ima Shooting to dream
hoshii mono wa jiyuu sa
oretachi kono kokoro wa damasenai
It's truth!

Both-kokoro no mama ni tada Fighting to dream
dare ni mo jama sasenai
unmei nado jibun de kimete yaru
kaze no you ni tada Shooting to dream
kako no itami tachikitte
kono te de ima mirai mo kimete yaru
Getta chance!

Wild Wind~Like the Wind in the Wilderness~
Hiei- The wind races, a silent hurricane calling me.
It's probably a sign, a signal of the decisive battle.

Kurama- Yes, the day has come for
the dream thats more important than my life to be fulfilled

Both-With my heart like this, I'm just Fighting to dream.
I won't let anyone get in my way.
We can decide things like fate for ourselves.
Like the wind, we're just Shooting to dream.
Cutting off the pain of the past,
we now decide the future with our own hands.
Getta chance!

Hiei- The painful dream spurs me on, as if to fan the fire left in my cold heart.

Kurama- Yes, burning emotions resound in my heart, like an unending storm.

Both-Like the wilderness, we're now Fighting to dream.
Burying despair and such,
we run fiercely, swiftly down the path of the beast.
Becoming the wind, we're now Shooting to dream.
Our desire is freedom.
We can't deceive our own hearts.
It's truth!
Both-With my heart like this, I'm just Fighting to dream.
I won't let anyone get in my way.
We can decide things like fate for ourselves.
Like the wind, we're just Shooting to dream.
Cutting off the pain of the past,
we now decide the future with our own hands.
Getta chance!


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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

 Ive been pretty bored today, But Ive been working hard at home to put together a website (which will soon be hosted ^_^...hopefully ^.^U) Ive been makeing tons of avatars, buttons, layouts and all sorts of other graphics. I have about
 62x62 * 5
 100x100 * 20
so 25 avatars
88x31 * 9
and nine buttons =D so Im pretty happy. The Hiei avatar up there is one of my favorites ^^ Its a quote from my Biology teacher Mr. Perrotta. He also always holds a dry erase marker up in class to write on the board and then waves it around without the cap on and wonders at the end of class why the marker has died. lol. Hes really funny and great, my favorite teacher probobly. He always has told us from the begguining of the year "Bio is a word game" he thinks this will help us pass bio. ^.^ I hope so. 

 +I'll post more stuff later ~.^+
Oh and p.s. dont visit my sisters blog o_o she likes to be mean to me and stuff and shes bein an ass right now, so he he just do what I say -.^  

Posted at 12:36 pm by hollymansbury

Friday, February 25, 2005
this will be edited later..feh..

Just becuase Im busy right now this entry will be re-entered later..wow thats kinda lame. Sorry though my mom wants me off the computer for now. Goodbye!

Posted at 04:15 pm by hollymansbury

Sunday, December 26, 2004
Day After Christmas

Yup christmas is actually a year from now. I decided to list some stuff I got for christmas (well that I can actually remember momentarilly) lol.  who knows mabey this will be slightly funny.. authough I doubt it. ~_^
 Item       Reaction
Earings~I smiled happily because my mom was trying to take a picture even though I hate pictures @_@
Modest Mouse "Good News For People Who Love Bad News"~ omg! thank you so much! (I love this cd ^_^)
Blink 182 ~ Thank You! (I didnt know my mom even knew who Blink 182 were!)
Comb~ Ive been needing one of these! lol ~_^
White scarf + gloves. ~ eee!!!!!!!!!!! (everyone was all O.O he he. It was so priceless)
Mp3 player~ YEAHHH!!!! thank you thank you thank you!
Art Case (with paints, pencils, pastels the whole jazz.)~ YES! thank ya!! (once again everyone was all o.O *takes out camera* this is a kodak moment!)
Ha...I told you I wouldnt remember...thats about all...oh and my sisters got me stuff. They were kinda glareing at me alot because I forgot to get them stuff. Well I did have to get alot of stuff for my friends too! *points to Crystal, Becky, Beth, Ashley, Missy, Cathy.* 1...2..3..4...5...and yea..thats alot of people! Ok so they didnt really care. My closest in age sister Helen (who is actually like 10 pounds less than me and an inch shorter O.o) who is 10 (and Im um, 14 ^_^ see what I mean?) she got me the Yu Yu Hakusho manga volume. 1 from Barnes and Noble (that was very nice of her) I actually read the whole book yesterday when I got home from my aunts house, and my youngest sister, Mary (who turned 7 yesterday) got me a pretty photoalbum from Target. You probobly are wondering how I know where they got me the stuff from o.O well I was with them and they told my grandmother they were on a mission to get me a christmas present. I told them they didnt have to but they were just like "NO! we must!" so I just kind of backed away...Well I hope you have had a happy holiday, I sure did.
now to find my 3 pounds of chocolate! *muaha ha* hyper ness! um..I suggest you stay away now o.O bye!

Posted at 02:04 pm by hollymansbury

Friday, December 24, 2004
Christmas Eva


Its finnally Christmas Eve. The week went by pretty slow but winter break is finnally here. My mom is forceing me to clean my room @_@ and Im about halfway done. Its "clean" but everything just needs to be organized. Its also my sisters birthday today.
Happy Birthday Mary!
and Merry Christmas Everyone ^_^

From Starried Skys & Eva

Posted at 09:30 am by hollymansbury

Monday, November 29, 2004
Helen, don't make me hurt you

 !Hola amigas como estas bien! O.O *crickets* sorry I just felt like saying that.......*more crickets*....well on with my entry now shall we!? Ok today was simple, go to school, come home, eat some food, do homework, go on computer, go to sleep. Thats all. Boreing.. Stupid.. not even any fun inside jokes. Unless you consider whale drawings on a chalk board amusing.. ^___^ he he. Ok well thats about it, soon I will fix the layout. *takes out pointer stick and tries to sound smart* as you can see the background is a brown color with the mix of tan. That was my doing. It will be changed though soon. I really dont love pink and I didnt want the layout to be this way but I will keep it this way untill my mind can figure out blogdrives html issues. Nah Im just kiddin I love Blog Drive! Im just saying I need to stop being lazy. Helen// So you just took your html anger out on them? Eva// *takes out hanger of doom* Helen// @_@ 
»For those who dont know Helen is my sister ^_____~  but then you must not have read the thanksgiving story! o.O

Posted at 03:58 pm by hollymansbury

Saturday, November 27, 2004
Thanksgiving break Story and A Hanger Of Doom *_*

Lately I really dont want to go back to school. Im way tired and still need some sleep. I have to finish some math homework when I have the time. Thanksgiving break has gone by pretty fast. Its now Saturday and school resums on monday. I have been stuck in my room doodleing and drawing most of the break. I went through about two notebooks of just drawings. I re-read .hack// legend of the twillight about three times. I must have no life. I woke up on thanksgiving to loud roars and violent crashing sounds. It felt like the roof to the house was going to be blown off. Outside there was a massive thunderstorm brewing and the power was out. "damn..." It was freezing and I hobbled downstairs. My mother was makeing a big-ta-do about it. Acting like it was a magor threat to thanksgiving. "fhe' " I didnt really care. Me and my sisters sat on the couch and created a game by telling a story and then each of us continueing it.. It was a funny story, here is my summary of it ::
:: Well it all started when a girl named Eva (that would be meh TT) was walking to her friends house one day.
:: Everything was going fine when suddenly a martian jet crashed into her friends house (man thats stupid _-_)
:: Eva hurried to her friends house to see her best friend Sharon and  Sharons brother Glen fighting over which band was better. (Simple Plan or Yellow Card)
:: Eva also got into the fight and suddenly a small dust cloud of the three fighting was formed.
:: The martian ship opened its ship doors and started to abduct Eva, Sharon, Glen, and Evas two sisters (OO)
:: Just then Sharons Mother got home...
:: She took one look at the scence and smiled "My children are just the most creative ever!"
:: Eva noticed that she was carrying laundry and saw a hanger holding up a pretty dress.
:: Eva jumped down from the ship and grabbed the hanger. She got an evil grin on her face and headed for the ship. *wow Im really a hero in this story! @_@*
:: Evas sisters got a scared exspression on their faces and mumured "hanger of doom?...its...baaaaccK?"
:: Eva repeativly hit the martians with her hanger of doom and the martians fled.
:: "Well whadda we do now?" asked Sharon. "I know lets play truth or dare!" said Glen..
:: So the five hurried outside to pay truth or dare. Sharon went first. "Eva, I dare you to let us dress you up as Sadako (Sammara) from the Ring and push you into our well!" she chimed.
:: "No way in-" Eva was cut off by her friends and sisters dragging her to the bathroom.
:: "NOOOOO!!! PLEASE WAIT!!" she yelled, but obviously it was too late. ..
:: They pushed her into the well and started cracking up hysterically.
:: "NOOOO!! WAITA!!"" Eva sputtered as they pushed her into the well. (I dont like where this is going T_T)
:: Sharon smiled evily and Evas younger sister smiled too.
:: Next it was supposed to be Evas turn but since she is not here right now, it will be Glens. "Helen, I dare you to let us wrap you up in toilet paper like a mummy!" Glen started laughing.
"But You didnt even let me pick truth or dare! you cheaters! " she yelled. "Too bad!" said Sharon.
:: They all hurried inside into the bathroom and dressed helen up in toilet paper. They laughed and then hurried into the living room. They sat down on the carpet and continued the game. Helen started. "Mary, truth or--" she was cut off by the t.v. which had suspichicously come on by itself. Sharon hit the fuzzy tv screen. "Stupid Tv!" "Remind me to get that fixed.." she mumbled to Glen. The tv then switched the screen. There was a well in the middle of the woods and the screen was still slightly fizzy. "Ohhh pay-per-veiw!" helen yelled happily. " When did we get this channel?" asled Glen.
"Hey dosnt that look like our house?" Sharon asked. The screen swited again and a figure of a girl with black hair and a white dress like outfit started walking twoard the screen. "Hey are we still playing the game?" asked Helen. Sharon looked out the window at her own well and sweatdroped. "Erm...Yea lets continue the game.." she said nervously. The girl came closer and closer to the screen and Shaon, Helen, and Glens eyes became like dinner plates. The girl came so close to the screen she started to come out of it. Helen was the first to start screaming and she ran from the circle to the front door. Sharon and Glen were also screaming and running around frantically. The girl started walking twoard them but then stoped and clenched her chest. She stood frozen for a second and then collapsed on the floor laughing. "Huh?" they all wondered. The girl was now laughing her head off and rolling around on the floor. "Your faces.." she continued to laugh hysterically. "EVA!" Sharon shouted. Eva smirked and sat down in the circle. " So are we still playing?"
>>Then the story gets weird and they find a balloka whale and plan to keep it and get money. To summarize it all up. Strawberry Short cake appears and Eva wants to kill her with her hanger of doom. Strawberry shortcake is locked up in Sharons Garrage. Later Eva plans to save the balloga whale and set it free in the ocean or give it to Sea World. When her friends hear of what Eva plans to do they tie her to a tree in the woods so she cannot escape. Later on (again) Eva escapes and plans to get revenge by stealing all Sharons Ice Cream. ( *_* Ice Cream! ) She succededs and Sharon has no icecream. Pretty much thats the end. By then the power came back on and we were all happy * except for me eva cause the story was just getting good...well except for me being tied to a tree...*

 >> Da End! *_* Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong Story.. he he Im full of em.
Helen: that was stupid.
Sharon: I want my ice cream back!
Eva: *takes out hanger of doom*
Helen + Sharon: *sweatdrop*

Posted at 10:36 am by hollymansbury
(2) SHOT!  

Saturday, November 13, 2004
So what does a balloka whale do on the weekend ^.^

 My weekend has been such crap so far...Im stuck at home again, with nothing to do but clean my room or find something more interesting on this computer. I think I hate schooldays but when Im home, I just may HATE home more. At least in school I get to hang out with my buds...*mom comes in* mom: two more minutes Eva..... me: **GLARE** Sure...mom: No really, go clean your room NOW! besides Im packing up to move...me: *HA HA* *back to computer* yea right. My mom said we were moving two years ago and did we O.O well ermm..I gotta go! bye!

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Friday, November 05, 2004
Day Like Yesterday

Let me tell you a little about my friends.. They are funni, nice, smart...o__o he he ok, mabey I stressed on that one lol j/k.

 Vicky: Vicky is a super-great friend ^_^ Im not quite sure I spelt your name right though x_X sorry! LOL :p
 HeatherHeather is in my gym class, and my study hall, and my other study hall...and well lets just say her scheduel is so mixed up! She has 2 gym classes instead of 1! x_x verry strange.  
 Missy: Missy a.k.a Elefun the Elephant....dont ask...who likes to call me a balluka whale, o__o that is sooo imature ~_^ but ne ways she also has fights with becky over who likes salt more..+_+ right then..
Crystal: Crystal is a semi-new friend. I somewhat knew her last year but shes in many of my new classes this year. She always wants to go play with the hamsters in Bio class =D he he shes funny. We also have an inside joke with an anvil falling on James. LOL its too funny.
 Ashley: Ashley has been my friend since 7th grade. She happened to become my partner in math one day and then we became friends. Thats the only good thing thats ever happened to me in Math lol ^_^ math is my least favorite subject. Well Bio isnt too fun either but hey, my math class dosnt have snakes and parrots in it! lol. Ashley loves rock music as same with almost all of my friends. We have too many inside jokes to even talk about lol XD but they are all very funny.

My Day::
~Woke up to mom. As usual.
~Forgot Breakfast.
~Went to school.
~Found art class particuarly boreing and hurt hands trying to cut mosaic tiles.
~Decided today was just another "Day Like Yesterday"
~Had a lemon-iced-tea-snapple.
~Took Global Test.
~Annoyed friends for money.
~listened to Mr.Perrotta tell of the many injures his left hand has gone through.
~Took Math Test.
~ watched a segment of "The Odyessy" :: If I spelled that wrong I will really slap myself. ::

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
No school, and Im way bored.

  Hey everyone, Its November 2nd! No school! YAY w00t! but I am so magorly bored T_T and my sister wants the computer too o___~ Well c ya later then..
Missy:: Heather will kick your butt if you kick us out of our seat again lol j/k? or is it? ^_^
Ashley:: havent heard from you for...erm..a long time ~_~

Posted at 07:37 am by hollymansbury

Monday, November 01, 2004
New Layout

hi everyone! Like the new layout?
I think its soooo pretty!
I downloaded it a while ago and just never used it.
So I thought "what the heck" and used it.
Well for other news...well nothin ^_^ I am a boreing sort of person o___o erm.?.I think i am.

             o      \X/   o
                 o (o_o)     
         o       _( p p)_      o
            o                      o

Posted at 12:46 pm by hollymansbury

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